What You Need to Know
About eBook Security


Here's a common question we hear from do-it-yourself authors...

My eBook compiler tells me I have complete protection from any unauthorized use of my products, why do I need the Electronic DeadBolt™?

A common misconception is that by using the eBook security features such as disabling the mouse buttons, internal menus, and adding a registration password will make the eBook content immune from piracy. This can be a huge mistake and will cost you countless thousands of dollars in lost revenue!

These built-in eBook security features offer very little protection. The reality is there are many well-known copy and extraction methods that allow the content of your eBook to be easily merged into a completely unsecure document.

Even if your eBook is compiled using one of the better eBook security programs and you have assigned a unique username and password, a key generator can be found at literally hundred's of illegal websites!

Worse than that, there's a common mindset among owners of illegal software sites that it's OK to crack (force open your product), and then provide an unlock code or unsecure copy to the public. If a hacked version of an eBook or software is not already provided at these websites, the webmaster of the illegal software site, usually located in some far away and out of reach country, will usually create a "cracked" or "unlocked" copy of your eBook by simply asking!

You have invested your time and resources to put together a valuable information product, do not take the topic of eBook security lightly. In our investigations, we've found that the people behind these illegal software sites actually take pride in the fact that they can crack, or hack into any digital product!

In order to offer maximum eBook security, (protection that cannot be by-passed by a key-dongle, crack or key generator), you need a security system that eliminates the possibility of theft and at the same time provides a fully automated delivery of your electronic product.

The Electronic DeadBolt™ is an anti-piracy eBook security system designed to provide your customers with an auto-registration process. As the product owner, you have controlled distribution of your eBooks, PDF, audios, videos, web seminars and software.

Our secure and fully automated system is virtually error-free and works on any computer. Your products will have the maximum protection possible within Microsoft Windows® and Macintosh®.

Benefits & Features:

• Works on Windows & Mac

• No eBook Compiler to Buy

• Prevent Lost Revenue

• Maintain Product Value

• Auto-Registration System

• Auto-Product Delivery

• Export Email Addresses

• Custom Email/Subject Line

• Remote Product Disabling

• Online Password Access

• Online Control Panel

• Dual Registration Servers

• No Monthly Fee's

• Quantity Discounts

• 3 Hour Turn-Around








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