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How Much Money Will You Save The First Year?
You've already made the investment of your time and money to produce your electronic product. Doesn't it make sense to make sure that your products, (your business assets), will be immune to the risks associated with piracy?

If your electronic products are currently not fully protected, use the R.O.I. calculator and you'll quickly realize the significant amount money this technology will save you in the months and years ahead.

The fill-in the form below to estimate your savings, added benefits, and return on investment when you purchase the Electronic DeadBolt™ solution.

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Product Sales Profile

Estimated Annual sales for the product using Electronic Dead Bolt $  

Sales Increase as a Result of:

Piracy Elimination



The reported industry average is 32% lost sales due to piracy (unauthorized use).
Percent of sales no longer lost to piracy:



Additional Sales

EDB used to capture email addresses for free download products - more qualified leads equates to increased sales.
Percent increase resulting from more sales leads:



Increased Sales


Capturing more emails from free downloads equates to additional sales conversion.
Percent increase converting additional prospects:



Total Return
The EDB solution will be used on how many products?
Total investment for the Electronic DeadBolt™ Solution:
                 ($149.95 USD per product)
  Your Total Return On


The Electronic DeadBolt™ will reduce your operating expenses, increase sales revenue, retain market value for your products, and strengthen the value of your business.

If you have any questions regarding implementation of the Electronic DeadBolt™ into your existing products, please visit the
Contact Page to send us your questions or schedule a live online meeting with one of our programmers.


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