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Electronic DeadBolt™ Service Options

Below are the various service and setting options you may choose for your products. For further clarification on the practical use of the options described below, please visit the Contact Page to schedule a live online meeting with us.

Immediate Savings

Save time. Eliminate the costs and complication of learning how to install, set-up and use an eBook compiler program.

We make it easy for you. After purchasing the Electronic DeadBolt™ service, simply send us your file. We apply the security system and return the file to you. We can even program the new product into your ClickBank or PayPal account and fully secure the product download page.

45 Day Product Deactivation (Default Setting)

Forty-five days after a product is registered by your customer, the Electronic DeadBolt™ performs an authorization check. If you have not disabled the product, the next time your customer runs the file, it will open immediately.

If however you have disabled a product for a particular customer, a 'software expired' message is displayed instructing them to contact you at your email address. Your email address is also displayed in the message window.

Optional Settings

If you would like to have an authorization setting different than the default setting of 45 days, simply let us know after purchasing the Electronic DeadBolt™ service.

For example, you may want to give a 90 day money-back guarantee. If for any reason your customer has not paid for the product or has paid but requests a refund, you can easily deactivate the product. After 90 days, the next time your customer attempts to open the product, a 'software expired' message is displayed including your email address.

Alternatively, you could have the deactivation feature set to 'instant' mode. Using this setting, every time your product is opened, it performs an authorization check. This allows you to instantly deactivate your product for a specific person.

In the same way you can deactivate the product for a specific person, you may also deactivate the product for every person. This is ideal for free preview and free trial offerings of your product.

Email Options

You can choose to be notified via email when someone registers your product. The registration server would send you an email containing the following information:

A new registration for [Your Product Name} has been received.

Registrant Information:

First Name:
Last Name:
Registration Date:
IP Address:
Machine ID:
Registration Code:

Installation Options

By default, a product can only be installed one time on one computer. However, if you would like to allow your file to be installed more than once, simply let us know after purchasing the Electronic DeadBolt™ service.

Client testimonials

• Works on Windows & Mac

• No eBook Compiler to Buy

• Prevent Lost Revenue

• Maintain Product Value

• Auto-Registration System

• Auto-Product Delivery

• Export Email Addresses

• Custom Email/Subject Line

• Remote Product Disabling

• Online Password Access

• Online Control Panel

• Dual Registration Servers

• No Monthly Fee's

• Quantity Discounts

• 3 Hour Turn-Around


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