software piracy and ebook piracy

What are the Cost and Risks
of Illegal Software Piracy and File Sharing?

Do You Realize the Costs of Software Piracy?

Whether or not you choose to address software piracy, the reality is sooner or later, your product will be accessed illegally. Imagine the name of your product being indexed by all the search engines as one of 1000's of free downloads on illegal warez and hacker websites!

These illegal websites offer a cracked or patched version of your eBook or software. Your product becomes available for anyone to easily download and install - without paying for it!

24% percent of software in the U.S. is pirated, and in excess of 40% worldwide! - Microsoft

According to the Business Software Alliance, 36% of all software is illegally distributed. Consequently, every organization needs to take proactive steps to prevent piracy. - Adobe

Visit Microsoft's Piracy Basics page for more unbelievable piracy facts.

Learn what piracy will cost you, based on your own business model. Click here to use our Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator.

software piracy and ebook piracy Software piracy is the illegal distribution and/or reproduction of a product for business or personal use.

Whether deliberate or not, it is still illegal and punishable by law.

When someone copies software without buying the appropriate license(s), this is piracy, also referred to as copyright infringement.

Each of these activities is a form of software piracy:

software piracy and ebook piracy An individual copying your product for a friend
software piracy and ebook piracy Forwarding a copy of your product via email to others
software piracy and ebook piracy A business under-reporting the number of computers using the product
software piracy and ebook piracy Sending your username and password to friends
software piracy and ebook piracy Downloading cracks or key generators to by-pass eBook compiler security features

The Electronic DeadBolt™ is the solution to all of the above software piracy scenarios and is the only software piracy protection service that works on both Windows and Mac computers.

software piracy and ebook piracy Electronic DeadBolt™ eBook security solution in action
software piracy and ebook piracy Purchase the Electronic DeadBolt™ eBook security service
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Benefits & Features:

• Works on Windows & Mac

• No eBook Compiler to Buy

• Prevent Lost Revenue

• Maintain Product Value

• Auto-Registration System

• Auto-Product Delivery

• Export Email Addresses

• Custom Email/Subject Line

• Remote Product Disabling

• Online Password Access

• Online Control Panel

• Dual Registration Servers

• No Monthly Fee's

• Quantity Discounts

• 3 Hour Turn-Around





software piracy and ebook piracy
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