Client Testimonials


I am very happy to be a volume customer of yours!

- Sharon Loving Ruff


"You made a ton of improvements in your already-great product over the past year. The ebook is really stable now, and we’ve had few or no customer complaints for many months. I really appreciate all the hard work you went through updating the product, you added a lot of features. I did a lot of comparison before I chose your product for our ebook series. I am very happy to be a volume customer of yours, and my support staff and customers are grateful."

Kerry Watson


Will Champion -


David Sieg -


Your system is very user-friendly, I love it!

I am so happy to be using the electronic deadbolt, I am almost finished with my second book and will definitely be using it on this product too."

Melanie Furlich


Jeff Scott -


The service is exceptional.

I first want to say I truly wish this is where I started! I went through 5 software programs to get my eBook secured and I always ran into a problem with each one of them. Then I was referred to the Electronic DeadBolt™ and have never looked back.

The service is exceptional, price and speed of delivery is like lightening. If your even considering an eBook, you don't have to go any further they take care of you as if it was their own.

Gina Kopera - Author of "I Conquered MS and My Son's Epilepsy"


I was completely satisfied with everything.

Thank you and the folks at Electronic DeadBolt™ for your tremendous service and product!!

This product is a dream come true for me. I had no idea how I was going to protect my products from piracy and there you guys were to help me. The caring, astute service you provided was wonderful. I felt as though you guys really care that the product was installed properly, that I was able to use the product easily, and that I was completely satisfied with everything. You guys are a class act!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!


Linda Olden-Smith
TRUCE Dispute Resolution Firm, LLC


Best customer service and offered the most options...

What a surprise to find that my Jump Experts ebook was being sold on eBay and even worse was being downloaded for free on a basketball forum. I had to do something so I Googled how to protect your digital product and researched at least 10 companies.

By far and away Electronic Dead Bolt was the best with customer service and offered the most options. The representatives answered any questions I had and even had a meeting with me online where I was able to get all my questions answered. I highly recommend anyone looking to protect your ebooks, audio, or software go right to Electronic DeadBolt™.

They offer so many ways to protect your work and also a very easy to use interface to handle registrations and disabling of refunded or pirated products. I have more products in the works and will certainly be using Electronic DeadBolt™ to protect them.

Thanks again!

Virgil Aponte


The Electronic DeadBolt™ will reduce your operating expenses, increase sales revenue, retain market value for your products, and strengthen the value of your business.

If you have any questions regarding implementation of the Electronic DeadBolt™ into your existing products, please visit the
Contact Page to send us your questions or schedule a live online meeting with one of our programmers.

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